The Donation page is up

The donation page was setup through PayPal Services. We put a clear description about what the denotation would go towards. I am not sure if that is the final description but we have one.

There are two problems with using PayPal Services.

One is the end-user is directed away from TupaDesigns site unto PayPals site.

Two is after the end-user clicks on the donate button, PayPal Services displays my email account in the header of the page. I don’t like PayPal showing my personal email account because it makes my email vulnerable to spam.

I am going to have to figure out if there is a way to collect donation without redirecting Web-users to another site and displaying my personal email account.

But anyways, now can receive donations.

First Project uploaded to the Project Room

Ok, Today I was able to load my first project I am currently working on.

I want to create an interactive image. So when you mouse over an icon on a certain spot of the image, an image popup box will hover over the image with the name of the icon and a short description of what that icon is about.  

I have uploaded the design files, but now I am trying to make it interactive and print friendly.

Check out the project room: