SVG uses

SVG is resolution-independent, making it ideal for rendering cross-platform user interface components, animations and applications where each element needs to be accessible via the DOM.

Synchronised animation and audio

Animated world landmarks re-created in SVG

SVG filters on HTML5 video

Adding a third dimension to SVG graphics

Rendering vector graphics in SVG vs Flash

An interactive SVG jigsaw

SVG UI Components: a HTML5 subtitles bar

Applying SVG masks over HTML5 video

Path-tracing map routes with SVG and Raphael

Deconstructing Trajan columns with SVG

Animated Rube Goldberg machine in SVG

Interactive Postcard of Ireland in SVG

Crime and poverty interactive SVG map

Animated lyrics in SVG
Analytics with Raphael and SVG

Visual representation Of Twitter connections


The creepy mouth In SVG

Animated SVG clock

Interactive SVG on the iPad


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