The Donation page is up

The donation page was setup through PayPal Services. We put a clear description about what the denotation would go towards. I am not sure if that is the final description but we have one.

There are two problems with using PayPal Services.

One is the end-user is directed away from TupaDesigns site unto PayPals site.

Two is after the end-user clicks on the donate button, PayPal Services displays my email account in the header of the page. I don’t like PayPal showing my personal email account because it makes my email vulnerable to spam.

I am going to have to figure out if there is a way to collect donation without redirecting Web-users to another site and displaying my personal email account.

But anyways, now can receive donations.

One thought on “The Donation page is up”

  1. I figured out a way around displaying my personal email account. I created an email account with and then used that email as my primary account for paypal. Now the header displays my Web site’s email, .

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