The Avengers (2012)

The Avengers (2012) – was the BEST movie I have seen so far for this year, not of all time.  But this movie was good. The Hulk was truly an angry beast on the screen. I thought the camera even couldn’t capture the massiveness of the Hulk. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America were all powerful heroes working together to save civilization. I liked it.

NAZIS at the center of the earth (2012)

NAZIS at the center of the earth (2012) – was a waste of money and a waste of space on my Blog. I shouldn’t even post anything about this movie.

This movie was not historical. I wanted to watch a movie that was based on true story about the history of Nazis. Not this crappy movie with two dollar firework explosions.

The graphics were so bad I thought I was watching a movie made in the 1990’s and the sound effects sounded like garbage.  My little brother can make better sound effects with his mouth.